Choosing The Right Panel Beaters For Your Car In Box Hill

There is a lot of work that goes into a car after a crash or damage. Panel beaters are car smash repairers, who are experts in the field of auto care panel works. They require a Certificate in Automotive Body Repair Technology as well as an apprenticeship over a period of time. The collision repair experts or panel beaters can repair the body of a vehicle after it is damaged in a road accident, back to its factory condition by carrying out extensive repair work on it.

The process of expert panel beating includes the removal, repair, and replacement of damaged panels, and also spray paint, chassis alignment, as well as refitting body hardware of the smashed car. Following are the major functions performed by an expert panel beater:

● Removal, repair, and replacement of smashed/ damaged panels.
● Repair of dents and scratches bu using specialty fillers.
● Filing and sanding the work performed on the auto body to ensure a smooth finish.
● Replacing smashed and damaged parts with genuine parts from the car manufacturer.
● Installing body components and hardware such as door locks, sensors, and so on.
● Realigning of the chassis, as well as the body frame.
● Repainting of the car’s that match the original color of the vehicle.

Choosing The Right Panel Beaters For Your Car In Box Hill

A professional auto car care center has panel beaters who are members of the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC). These professionals work on regular vehicles such as cars, vans, 4WDs, or any other vehicles. Expert panel beaters are specialised in specific skills. Some of them are as follows:

● Shrinking or Stretching: This is a process of applying heat to the damaged area using a special hammer to reshape the metal surface of the damaged car. This will restore the panel to the vehicle’s original color and contour.
● Planishing: Planishing is a metalworking technique that is performed by a hammer-shaped tool such as a dolly or a stake, and is used to smoothen and shape the panel surface.
● Welding: Welding joins the metal pieces by melting and is cooled to form a strong joint, using s gas flame or an electric arc.
● Filling: This process involves adding a putty filler to fill in small holes on the vehicle the surface to achieve original shape and contours. After filling, it can be smoothened by the sanding process.
● Sanding: This process finally smoothens the surface of the vehicle for spray painting. Preferred textures can be achieved by making use of the varying coarseness of the sanding pad.
● Spray painting: Finally, the vehicle is ready for spray painting and realigning, if necessary.
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